July-August 2013



July- August 2013Pensions and Benefits USA, Church of the Nazarene


A Minute with Don – Don Walter
Healthcare Battle—Round 83?
Charitable Giving Deduction and Clergy Housing Exclusion At-Risk
It's Your Money – Keith Schwanz
Proactive Financial Choices
To Your Health - Paul Wardlaw
Hay Fever
Around the Corner – Justine Knight
Use it and Lose it?
Church Tech – Mark Evilsizor
Sharing the Music with your Smartphone
Pressing On – Daron Brown
Beyond Stingy Stewardship

Laughter in the Church

Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Buck – Steve Phelps

News and Other Info

Government Delays Reporting and Penalties for Affordable Care Act
500 Retired Clergy Gather at General Assembly
P&BStaff and Partners Serve Many at GA 2013
Prepare for Tomorrow!

Featured FAQs

What is the status of the lawsuit brought by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) arguing that churches should not be exempt from annually filing the onerous Form 990?

The Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations (Commission) is working on a report for Senator Charles Grassley concerning the freedom of speech with respect to clergy and other religious leaders speaking out ...

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