Women Need to Save More than Men

Over the years, nearly 40 percent of the benefits from retirement and insurance plans sponsored by Pensions and Benefits USA have been paid to women. And, while only 24 percent of those participating in the 403(b) are female, most of the beneficiaries (68 percent) of the 403(b) plan are women.

With this in mind, Fidelity Investments is sponsoring a free webinar, “Why Women Need to Save More than Men,” March 3 and 8. It will feature Kathy Murphy, president of Fidelity Personal Investing, and Jean Chatzky, award-winning personal finance journalist. They will discuss why it’s so important for women to prepare for the unexpected—and what they can do to stay on top of their savings. The webcast will emphasize:

  • The importance of having a financial plan,
  • Dealing with life’s changes, and
  • Prioritizing short- and long-term goals.

For specific times and free registration, visit this link.

Also, even though the webcast is geared toward women, the topics are relevant to everyone, so men are invited to join in.

As always, members of the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan may contact Fidelity Investments for saving and investment guidance at 866-NAZAREN (866-629-2736).

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