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MyProfile is an application available through Nazarene Account that gives ministers secure access to their assignment and credential history, as well as contact and personal data. Participants served by P&B USA may access information related to insurance coverage, benevolence, and Basic Pension.

The first time you access MyProfile you will be asked to verify your account. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see the document below or click the MyProfile link to go to Nazarene Account.




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How to Verify Your MyProfile Account

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Retirement Forms
Defined Benefit Pension
Application for Benefits
This is the application for the Nazarene Single Defined Benefit Plan, formerly the Basic Pension Plan.
Change of Address
This form authorizes P&B to initiate an address change to your account.
Pension Direct Deposit Request (not for 403b Retirement)
As an added service, Pensions and Benefits USA offers to you electronic direct deposit of your monthly pension benefit. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please complete this form.
403(b) Retirement
Beneficiary Designation
Please complete and sign this form if you are opening a new account and want to designate a beneficiary or if you want to change your beneficiary designation on your existing account.
Distribution for Beneficiary
Use this form if you are a beneficiary and wish to have assets transferred to a beneficiary account in your name or request a distribution.
Distribution for Primary Participant
Please call Fidelity at 1-866-NAZARENE (629-2736) to obtain this form.
403(b) Direct Deposit Request (not for Defined Benefit Pension)
Fidelity EFT is a convenient service that enables you to take your periodic payment distributions from your Fidelity retirement account and have your money electronically transferred to your bank account. Use this form to sign-up.
Employer Participation Agreement
IRS regulations require that all Nazarene employers have this participation agreement signed and on file with P&B in order for their pastors/employees to participate in the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan. For more information about this, please read our Employer Participation Agreement FAQ.
Letter of Agreement
Use this form if you wish to direct your employer to reduce your compensation and direct that this compensation become an elective deferral under your Nazarene 403(b) Plan, or if you want to change your existing Agreement.
Minimum Required Distribution
Use this form to calculate and/or distribute MRD payments.
Systematic Distribution
Use this form if you wish to request a systematic distribution from your Church of the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan account.
Insurance Forms
Disability Insurance
Long-Term Disability (LTD) Change Form
Use this form to make changes to preexisting LTD coverage through Pensions and Benefits.
Long-Term Disability Insurance Application
This application is for enrolling in the Nazarene Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Plan.
Life Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Application
This application is for enrolling in the Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Plan.
Beneficiary Change/Designation Trust Primary Form
This form is used when designating a trust as the primary beneficiary for the Pastors Life, Pensioners Death Benefit, Supplemental Group Term, District Life, Missionary Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance plans.
Beneficiary Change/Designation Trust Secondary Form
This form is used when designating a trust as the secondary beneficiary for the Pastors Life, Pensioners Death Benefit, Supplemental Group Term, District Life, Missionary Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance plans.
Beneficiary Change/Designation Form
This form is used to designate or change beneficiaries for the Pastors Life, Pensioners Death Benefit, Supplemental Group Term, District Life, Missionary Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance plans.
Evidence of Insurability
This form is used when applying for one of the insurance plans outside of an open enrollment period, more than 90 days past eligibility or if enrolling for an amount above the guaranteed issue amounts.
Pastors Life Insurance Plan/Pensioners Death Benefit Plan Application
This application is for enrolling in the Pastors Life Insurance or Pensioners Death Benefit plans.
Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance Application
This application is for enrolling in the Nazarene Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance Plan.
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Retirement FAQs
2018 Nazarene APS Program FAQ
2017 Minimum Required Distribution (MRD) FAQ
Can I use funds withdrawn from my Nazarene 403(b) account as a tax-free housing allowance?
Who can enroll in the 403(b) plan?
When should I start collecting Social Security benefits?
How do I access my 403(b) account?
Can I move money from another retirement plan into my account in the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan?
Can I make withdrawals from my 403(b) account?
Can I take a loan from my 403(b) account?
When am I vested in the 403(b) Plan?
What "catch-up" contributions may I make to my 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan?
How much should I save for retirement?
What are my 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan investment options?
Does the Church contribute to my 403(b) account?
What are the IRS contribution limits to the 403(b) Plan?
When is my enrollment in the 403(b) Plan effective?
How much can I contribute to the 403(b)?
How do I enroll in the 403(b) Plan?
When can I enroll in the 403(b) Plan?
Insurance FAQs
Why doesn’t the Church of the Nazarene have a national health insurance plan?
Tax FAQs
If a church receives a gift of a used auto, and then gifts it to one of the pastors, is this a tax-free transaction?
If a church takes an offering for “Christmas gifts for pastoral staff,” and the church board determined the distribution of this offering between the various staff members, are these amounts tax-free to the staff?
What steps should a church do BEFORE receiving a notice of an IRS payroll tax audit?
Our pastor asked to be covered under FICA when he came to our church. He said his previous church treated him as subject to FICA, and he wanted the Social Security payments to be treated consistently.
My church treasurer says there is no problem treating me as subject to FICA. Is this correct?
As part of my pastoral compensation package, my church regularly reimburses the amount of my Social Security, which I have paid quarterly. . .Would it be possible for me to have the church treasurer “withhold” this amount and pay it for me. . .?
Should the church reimburse the travel expenses of a spouse when attending a conference?
Has there been any indication about the tax treatment of iPads?
I heard the IRS has clarified the church-provided cell-phone issue. What is the latest scoop?
Was the above-the-line deduction for teachers' out-of-pocket classroom-related expenses extended?
If our church qualifies for the small employer health care tax credit, what forms do we file to claim the credit?
Will declaring an employee an "independent contractor" exempt him or her from FLSA overtime requirements?
If we pay “covered” staff members on a “salary” instead of hourly basis, will this exempt them from FLSA requirements?
Under the new health care reform act can we provide insurance for our pastors but not for our other staff?
I receive no compensation for services. May I deduct my out-of-pocket expenses . . . as charitable contributions?
I provide a room in my home as an office . . . the church provides me an office . . . Can I claim expenses for this office . . .
My spouse and I are bi-vocational and would like to ask, “Is the teacher expense deduction still available?”
Someone told me we can take a deduction for our real property taxes even though we do not itemize deductions. Is this true?
Compensation & Housing FAQs
Is the value of church provided housing or housing allowance paid to a ministerial employee included when calculating income to determine eligibility for the government health insurance subsidy?
Is a church whose only employees are the pastor, a secretary, and a custodian subject to any penalties or fines if any or all of these employees purchase coverage on a health care exchange?
Our church decided to assist office staff who are providing their own health insurance. We add $500 per month over and above their salaries so they can purchase health insurance with the funds. We treat these payments as tax-free stipends. Is this OK?
Are amounts paid to a pastor to reimburse (with substantiation) his coverage in a group health plan provided by other employment subject to income and Social Security tax?
Our church reimburses our pastor (based on substantiation) for premiums related to a personal health insurance policy. We treat it as a tax-free fringe benefit. Is this appropriate?
I am moving to another pastorate just after the first of the year. It is unlikely our present home will sell in the short-term. Will we be able to exclude expenses relating to the new home we plan to purchase plus our current home if it doesn’t sell by the end of the year?
At what point during the year should the church cease withholding FICA tax after a minister receives a District license?
If a minister is also employed at a local store is he subject to FICA-type Social Security for the compensation from the store?
Are there any expenses which may be deducted as part of the calculation in determining the amount subject to SECA tax?
Are premiums for whole life and group term life insurance policies for our pastor taxable?
Are we obligated to report the value of a car transferred to our senior pastor as compensation?
Since the Phil Driscoll Tax Court decision, can I claim the expenses for two homes as part of my housing allowance?
To substantiate my housing allowance exclusion, how often should I submit expenses to the church treasurer?
Have there been any changes . . . relating to the deduction of a minister's real estate taxes and mortgage interest . . .
Can an individual make a donation directly from his/her IRA account to the church?
Our pastor's entire compensation is designated as housing allowance. Do we issue a W-2?
Can the church reduce the amount on my W-2 for contributions I make to the church?
Can I deduct charitable contributions to my church as business expenses on Form 2106 and offset them . . . on Schedule SE . . .
Who is a “qualified minister”?
We are thinking of dropping the health insurance coverage for the church staff as a way to reduce expenses. . .
Should my church purchase an annuity for the pastoral staff instead of contributing to our 403(b)?
Our church is just starting . . . should they start paying me a salary first . . . then add housing and benefits. . .
My church treasurer doesn’t like to do a lot of extra paperwork, so we have a simple system. . .
How often do I have to turn in my housing expenses to my treasurer to substantiate my housing allowance?
My church doesn’t reimburse me for use of my car for church-related business. . . Can I deduct the amount from my taxes. . .
Are all Ministers Considered Ministers by the IRS?
What are the IRS regulations for Business Expense Reimbursements?
What are the Reporting Procedures for the IRS?
Can we make the Custodian or Secretary an Independant Contractor?
Parsonage or Housing?
Can Ministers Opt Out of Social Security?
Can I take a "voluntary reduction" in my salary of 10 percent or more, rather than writing checks . . . for tithes and offerings?
Since I don't own a home, can the church designate part of my compensation into a non-taxable account?
Can you give me a clear definition of what is meant by "fair rental value" when determining my housing allowance?
Church Administration FAQs
What is the status of the atheist’s lawsuit that would require the federal government to enforce the tax code’s campaign prohibition against churches?
Is it proper to change the annual budget for a church once it has been approved?
Is there any legal requirement for churches to provide gift acknowledgments throughout the year?
The Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations (Commission) is working on a report for Senator Charles Grassley concerning the freedom of speech with respect to clergy and other religious leaders speaking out ...
Instead of sending end-of-year contribution statements via mail, a church treasurer placed envelopes on a table in the church foyer which contained the gift acknowledgments. Is it appropriate to publicly display who is giving in this manner?
Our church provides gift acknowledgments to all donors to the church, but we usually don’t issue the acknowledgments until the end of February. Could the church be penalized because we get the acknowledgments out so late?
Our church does not include the “no goods or services” wording on our charitable gift acknowledgments. Is this a problem?
A plumber donated his services to the church during the year with a fair market value of $2,000 (the church reimbursed him for the parts and supplies). What type of gift acknowledgment should the church provide to the plumber?
Our church does not routinely provide charitable gift acknowledgments to financial supporters of the church. We only send charitable gift acknowledgments when givers request them. Is this an appropriate process?
Should someone other than the church treasurer or business administrator reconcile the bank statement?
What is the impact of parental modeling of giving and volunteering on children?
Can excess funds raised by a church-sponsored mission trip participate be applied to participants whose funding fell short?
If a participant of a church-sponsored mission trip is unable to attend, should the donors receive their gifts back?
If mission trip participants pay all of their own expenses, should they receive charitable gift acknowledgements?
How can we protect the charitable deductibility of contributions to support mission trips?
Can a church provide a charitable gift acknowledgment to donors who are related to mission trip participants?
If a participant raises more than the cost for a mission trip or is later unable to go, may the church refund money to donors?
May a landlord deduct the difference between the low rental charged to a charity and the higher actual fair market rental . . .
Recently, a big screen TV was donated to our church. The pastor told his son he could have it. Are there rules . . .
Our church recently received a cash contribution of more than $10,000 (in actual currency, not a check). Must we report . . .
What does our church have to do if it receives a donated car and sells it?
Are love offerings for the pastor considered a charitable tax deduction?
Are love offerings for the pastoral staff considered a charitable tax deduction?
Are contributions given to cover educational expenses for the pastor's daughter considered a charitable tax deduction . . .
A young man donates a few hours each week to administer our church website. He is wondering if we can give him a receipt . . .
A business owner in my community has offered to contribute $1,000 toward carpeting for our sanctuary renovation. . .
Our board is considering providing a stipend to the "volunteer" worship leader as an “independent contractor” . . .
A member wants to donate an SUV to my church. How do we determine the value of this contribution?
Does My Church Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?
What is Done in an Annual Church Audit?
General FAQs
With changes in credit card rules and the current economy, I want to use my credit wisely. Do you have any suggestions?
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Retirement Information
Setting Up Your Fidelity PIN
403b Online Contributions Setup
2018 Nazarene APS FAQ
403b APS Eligibility Criteria
403b Enrollment Guide
Invest in your retirement—and yourself—today, with help from the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Saving Plan and Fidelity.
403b Managing Accounts Online
Instructions from Fidelity on how to manage your Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan online.
403b Maximum Contribution Letter
It is important for you to be aware that the Internal Revenue Code limits how much may be deposited to your 403(b) account each tax year. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 made permanent 403(b) maximum contirbution provisions of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.
403b NetBenefits eLearning
We are pleased to introduce a variety of web based tools to help easily navigate your Retirement account online, as well as valuable retirement resources on site. No matter where you are in planning for your financial future, Fidelity NetBenefits® is a great place to start. If this is your first time accessing your account online, you will need to establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by going to and clicking on New User Registration.
403b Plan Document
Fidelity Freedom Funds Brochure
Fidelity Freedom Funds® offer a single-fund approach to investing in your workplace savings plan. With Freedom Funds, your decision couldn't be simpler. All you need to know is your current age, and the fund will do the rest.
Determining Your Investment Mix
Ten minutes from now, you could know your investment mix: And if your goal is to choose investment options that you can be comfortable with, this is an important step.
Fidelity Username and Password Setup
To assure account privacy, you will need to establish a username and password before you can access information about your Fidelity account. You will use this to access account-specific information via Fidelity's website, Fidelity's automated telephone service, or when speaking with a Fidelity Retirement Services Specialist.
Fidelity Retirement Savings Worksheet
This Retirement Savings Worksheet makes it easy: Your goal is to live retirement on your own terms. This simple worksheet will help you determine how much you may be responsible for providing in retirement and gives some suggestions on how to reach that goal.
High Cost of Waiting
$2,000 is more than $12,000. It sounds impossible doesn't it! When it comes to investing it can be possible and timing is everything. View the document to see how.
Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments
This notice explains how you can contiue to defer federal income tax on your retirement savings or retirement Plan benefits (the "Plan") and contains important information you will need before you decide how to receive your Plan benefits.
SDBP Plan Document
This is the plan document for the Single Defined Benefit Plan.
Insurance Information
Choosing Your Life Insurance Beneficiary
Aetna provides steps for selecting who will receive the proceeds from your life insurance.
Aetna Life Essentials
With Aetna life insurance coverage, you not only get financial protection for your loves ones. You also get tools and services to use today for a healthy, fulfilling life. This is what Aetna Life Essentials is all about.
General Information

2018 Tax Books from Dan Busby and Staff of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (EFCA)
Ministers' Taxes Made Easy– This booklet provides step-by-step guidelines to assist ministers with their federal income tax returns.
Church Reporting Made Easy– This resource for every church treasurer features recent developments on topics such as health care reimbursement, and charitable gift reporting to help churches comply with IRS requirements.

Annual Report Summary
Value of Connection flyer
The Value of Connection - How churches and districts working together provide support for almost 17,000 ministers and church-employed laypersons through giving to the P&B Fund.
Certified Languages Interpretation (CLI) service
Have Questions about Taxes, Compensation, or Retirement? Phone calls to P&B USA (888-888-4656) can be translated into all major languages spoken in the United States through the services of Certified Languages International. Learn more about it.
Certified Languages Interpretation (CLI) service - Spanish - Interpretación certificada de idioma
Certified Languages Interpretation (CLI) service - Portuguese - Idioma Certificado de Interpretação
Certified Languages Interpretation (CLI) service - Korean - 공인 언어 통역
Certified Languages Interpretation (CLI) service - Mandarin - 認可語言翻譯
Certified Languages Interpretation (CLI) service - French - Interprétation linguistique certifiée
P&B-Provided Benefits
P&B Provided Benefits – Spanish - Guía de beneficios provistos — P&B
P&B Provided Benefits – Portuguese - Guia de Benefícios Fornecidos pelo P&B
P&B Provided Benefits – French - Guide des prestations fournies par P&B
P&B Provided Benefits – Korean - 연금 및 혜택 제공 혜택 가이드
Benefit Summary Brochure
Pensions and Benefits USA is a partner in ministry to the more than 17,000 faithful ministers and church-employed laypersons and families who serve thousands of Nazarenes in churches across the USA. With a variety of services—such as life and disability insurance and retirement benefit plans—we are also a source of tax and benefit information for ministers at every stage of their career—from first pastorate through retirement.
How To Verify Your Account
Instructions for verifying your Nazarene Account which is required to view the MyProfile application.
Theology of Thrift
Your Retirement Planning
Retirement is changing. In prior years, it used to mean one needed to learn to live with less of everything. That included reduced finances as well as diminished health, mobility, opportunities for service, and a sense of significance. Today, this is becoming less of what we see in retired clergy. Many have planned well from the earliest days of ministry and are now putting the finishing touches on those plans.
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Memo #1 - Housing for Your Pastor: Parsonage or Housing Allowance?
"Should we continue to provide a parsonage and utilities or should we change to a cash housing allowance and let our pastor buy his own home?" Across our denomination this difficult question is being asked, often out of genuine concern for the pastor's dilemma at retirement, when he or she has no real estate investment built up for a retirement home.
Memo #2 - Church Employees or Independent Contractors?
Dear P&B: The only employee we have besides our pastor is a part-time custodian (or secretary). Do you know of any way we could pay them by contract and save the trouble of withholding income taxes and Social Security/Medicare (FICA) taxes?" In one form or another, this question has been asked literally hundreds of times in financial seminars, correspondence, and telephone conversations. The questions come as a response to the increasing responsibilities of churches and other employers for reporting employee compensation information to the IRS. Fortunately, the answer is fairly straightforward.
Memo #3 - Tax and Reporting Procedures
The tax and reporting requirements with which churches must comply often seem to complicate the task of the local church treasurer. Many treasurers who volunteer their services to the church feel the special tax treatment of ministers adds another level of complexity to an already time-consuming task. Following is an overview of many of the basic federal tax and reporting issues.
Memo #4 - Strategies for Structuring Ministerial Compensation
A review of the patterns of ministerial compensation over several decades would indicate that significant changes have taken place. Because of many social changes, gone are the days when the majority of ministers received a large portion of their compensation in the form of food and clothing supplied by members of the congregation. The implications of the 1986 Tax Reform Act and subsequent IRS regulations are also among the reasons causing these changes.
Memo #5 - Minimizing Income Taxes for Church Employees
One of the many responsibilities that church boards face is that of mini­mizing income taxes for their church employees by appropriately structuring their compensation package. IRS tax rulings not only make this possible but also make it very important. Unfortunately, some church employees pay additional income taxes simply because of the way their church employer has established their salary structure. Changing IRS regulations and current rulings make it all the more important for church boards to periodically review the salary structure of all their employees.
Memo #6 - Housing Allowance in Retirement
Under current IRS provisions, retired ministers who are ordained or district-licensed in the Church of the Nazarene may receive up to 100 percent of Pensions and Benefits USA-administered retirement plan payments as housing allowance. Of course, any tax-free housing allowance, whether received from the Basic Pension or General Church Pension portion of the Nazarene Single Defined Benefit Plan, the World Mission Pension Plan, or the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan, must satisfy tax code limits.
Memo #7 - How Much Do We Pay the Minister
Scripture specifically speaks about the importance of caring for and supporting pastors. In fact, the relationship between pastor and flock is intended to be one where each cares for the other. The pastor is called to preach the Word and shepherd the flock, while the congregation’s role is to provide material support and encouragement for its shepherd.
Memo #8 - The Annual Church Audit
Church board members have a long list of responsibilities. Among these is the responsibility for the money that flows through the church. It’s such an important issue that the Manual contains at least three paragraphs about it.
Memo #9 - Workers' Compensation Laws and the Local Church
Workers’ Compensation laws exist in all states and Canada. They are designed so that benefits (both medical and disability income) for the work-related accident, injury, or illness can be paid promptly without the need for expensive legal fees to determine fault. Medical benefits have no dollar or time limits and cash benefits are paid for lost wages due to impairment or disability. In severe cases, medical and vocational rehabilitation benefits may be provided.
Memo #10 - Can Ministers Opt Out of Social Security?
The Tax Code does provide a means for some ministers in some denominations to exercise an option to terminate Social Security/Medi­care coverage for their ministerial earnings. IRS Form 4361 must be used, and it must be filed on the correct basis of religious belief. If approved by the IRS, only earnings from ministerial services are exempt from self-employment tax. Form 4361 indicates that once the exemption is approved, you cannot revoke it.
Memo #11 - Auto and Other Business Expense Reimbursements (Unavailable - document is being revised 1-31-18)
Churches can be better stewards and help their pastors save tax dollars by establishing accountable expense reimbursement plans. Learn how with this memo.
Memo #12 - Who is a Minister for Tax Purposes?
“Who is a ministerial employee for tax purposes?” The answer is significant because it affects how an individual reports compensation and pays taxes. Perhaps the greatest single issue this affects is how to report the value of housing provided and/or the amount of housing allowance paid.
Memo #13 - The Minister's Housing Allowance
A substantial tax benefit is provided to qualifying ministers based on Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). It consists of only one sentence which currently states that: “In the case of a minister of the gospel, gross income does not include — (1) the rental value of a home furnished to him as part of his compensation; or (2) the rental allowance paid to him as a part of his compensation, to the extent used by him to rent or provide a home and to the extent such allowance does not exceed the fair rental value of the home, including furnishings and appurtenances such as a garage, plus the cost of utilities.”

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