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Welcome to the Board of Pensions area of This section has been created to keep members informed about the work of Pensions and Benefits USA. You’ll also find information on the structure and responsibilities of the board, financial statements, as well as reports and minutes of meetings in the BOP menu above.

Mrs. Jill Rice - Lay
(Central Region)

Dr. D. Geoffrey Kunselman - Clergy
(East Central Region)

Dr. J. Phillip Fuller - Clergy
(Eastern Region)

Mr. Darrel Johnson - Lay
(North Central Region)

Dr. R. Bruce Moore - Lay
(Northwest Region)

Mr. Rick Martin - Lay
(South Central Region)

Mr. Mark Patrick - Lay
(Southeast Region)

Rev. Douglas R. Pierce - Clergy
(Southwest Region)

Rev. Kerry W. Willis - Clergy

Paragraph 335.15. The General Board members representing United States regions shall elect a Board of Pensions and Benefits USA, composed of one member representing each United States region, and one member-at-large. Nominations shall be submitted by the Board of General Superintendents as provided by the Bylaws of the Board of Pensions and Benefits USA.

Paragraph 337. There shall be a Pensions board, or equivalent authorized body, with fiduciary responsibility for each church-related pension plan. A pension plan may apply at organizational, district, multidistrict, national, regional, or multiregional level as the needs may dictate.

Paragraph 337.1. The General Board shall establish and maintain suggested guidelines that are relevant to all pension programs worldwide. The General Board does not guarantee any pension plan from loss or depreciation. The General Board does not guarantee the payment of any money that may be or becomes due to any person from any pension plan, and shall not be liable in the case of the underfunding of any pension plan.

Members of the Board of Pensions USA should have:

  1. An awareness of the Board of Pensions’ mission, plans, and policies, and a desire to serve the needs of the constituents represented.
  2. An awareness that all activities are done in accordance with the Board of Pensions’ mission, plans, and policies, and with the rules and regulations of society and community.
  3. A willingness to fully participate in Board of Pensions meetings, deliberations, and decisions.
  4. A willingness to read, evaluate, and ensure the accuracy of all reports, including minutes, financials, and evaluations.
  5. A willingness to ensure the organization has sufficient resources, including people, funding, and other assets.
  6. A desire to serve with the sole purpose of focusing on the work and mission of Pensions and Benefits USA without regard for his or her own personal or business interests.
  7. A willingness to share ideas, opinions, and advice to forward the progress of the Board of Pensions.
  8. A willingness to represent the Board of Pensions in a favorable light.
  9. A willingness to serve as a court of appeal for benefit denials.
  10. A willingness to account to the denomination for the products and services of Pensions and Benefits USA.

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