Health Care for Ministers Staffs

family-healthcare-other-options.jpgOne of the greatest expenses for a family or business today is health care. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the cost for a typical employer-provided group health plan for a family of four is $22,000 annually.[1]

Such expenditures give pause to many churches when they consider affordable ways to offer health care coverage to ministers and staff, but every church should seek to care for its ministers as well as they can, and this includes making sure they have health insurance coverage—either through their church or another employer.

family-healthcare-other-options.jpgWhile health insurance for districts and churches is not a P&B-provided benefit, we have friends in the broader faith community who provide this service on a national scale. One of these is GuideStone—the benefit board serving Southern Baptist and other denominational ministries. GuideStone has insurance solutions with plans for almost any size church.

We think having options is important. While we do not utilize GuideStone as a P&B vendor, we know them to be an effective, long-time, faith-based provider of health care coverage for ministers and staff.

You may use this link to learn more about the health care programs available from GuideStone.

Also, you’ll find valuable information about insurance options for churches in this recent P&B webinar featuring GuideStone representative Jordan Puskos.

Medicare Options
For churches with pastors or other staff who are eligible for or approaching eligibility for Medicare, you can obtain assistance in determining health care options from our P&B-endorsed provider, Via Benefits. Via Benefits is the nation’s largest Medicare marketplace with a selection of plans offered by leading insurers. Their licensed benefit advisors guide individuals through the process of finding and enrolling in coverage that fits their particular needs and financial situation. Their services are provided at no cost to Nazarene ministers.

The process is simple, but it may take time to discuss medical preferences, so it’s important to gather information on health conditions, medications, and physicians before contacting them. Also, keep in mind that open enrollment for Medicare runs from October 15 to December 7 annually.

Visit this link or talk to a Via Benefits representative at 888-902-4910 to learn more about Medicare options from Via Benefits.

[1] Includes both employee and employer spending.