Changes Announced for the Nazarene Board of Pensions and Benefits USA

2022 news 1With the adoption of a new charter, the Nazarene Board of Pensions and Benefits USA was formally reorganized into its own non-profit corporation, effective November 23, 2021. This action, which was approved earlier in the year by the General Board, included the adoption of new articles of incorporation and bylaws. The board will now be officially known as the “Board of Pensions and Benefits USA of The Church of the Nazarene, Inc.” and have as its sole member The Church of the Nazarene, Inc. The office will continue to be known as Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B).

The charter officially adds two ex officio members, one from the Board of General Superintendents (BGS); the other a denominational senior staff person appointed by the BGS.

The Board of Pensions is responsible for oversight of the various programs administered by Pensions and Benefits USA. In addition to the ex officio members, the body includes no fewer than four ministerial and four lay members, with one member selected from each US region, and one chosen at-large. All board members are nominated and elected by the Board of General Superintendents for terms that coincide with the timing of the denomination’s quadrennial General Assembly.

Orlando Serrano

In a December 7, 2021, mail ballot, Orlando Serrano, pastor of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Iglesia del Nazareno, was elected to fill the vacant at-large position on the board. At the close of the year, Virginia District Superintendent J. Phillip Fuller concluded 12 years of service as clergy representative for the Eastern Region. A search to fill the vacancy is underway.

  J. Phillip Fuller

“We thank Dr. Fuller for his years of service, and we welcome Dr. Serrano to the at-large position,” Kevin P. Gilmore, executive director of Pensions and Benefits, said. “We are grateful to all members of our board for providing guidance to the important work of serving active and retired ministers of our church with retirement, insurance, and other benefits.”

At the session of the Board of Pensions on February 8, 2022, the group selected new officers. The current board, which serves until General Assembly in 2023, includes:
Mrs. Jill Rice, chair (lay)
     (Central Region)
Mr. Rick Martin, vice chair (lay)
     (South Central Region)
Dr. R. Bruce Moore, secretary (lay)
     (Northwest Region)
Mr. Keith Cox, treasurer (ex officio)
     (General Treasurer)
Mr. Darrel Johnson, additional member of executive committee (lay)
     (North Central Region)
Dr. Geoff Kunselman (clergy)
     (East Central Region)
Mr. Mark Patrick (lay)
     (Southeast Region)
Rev. Douglas R. Pierce (clergy)
     (Southwest Region)
Dr. Orlando Serrano (clergy)
Dr. Carla D. Sunberg (ex officio)
     (Jurisdictional General Superintendent)