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P&B logoDistricts and churches gave more than $13 million to the Pensions and Benefits Fund in 2017, according to Don Walter, director of Pensions and Benefit USA.

“Although this represents a decrease of about $250,000 from the previous year, it remains a significant accomplishment,” Walter said. “It is encouraging to know our districts and churches continue to provide this kind of support for nearly 17,000 active and retired ministers, church-employed laypersons, spouses, and widows across the United States.”

In 2017, almost $46 million was distributed through the plans administered by Pensions and Benefits. Of this amount, nearly $15 million was spent to assist more than 5,000 retired ministers and widowed spouses. Another $9.5 million was placed in the Basic Pension Trust.

For those participating in the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan, more than $2 million was placed in the accounts of eligible ministers. Overall contributions to 403(b) accounts via employee salary reductions totaled almost $13 million.

P&B Fund giving provided $1 million to support about 7,000 active and retired ministers with basic life insurance and another 3,000 with disability coverage. Some 100 individuals or families received approximately $100,000 in emergency medical and benevolence assistance.

Walter said an important part of the work of Pensions and Benefits USA is maintaining connections with constituents through personal conversation. “All told, we had more than 16,000 personal conversations by phone or through P&B staff interactions at events during the year,” Walter said. “Beyond this, we made many contacts via USPS mail and email.

“2017 was a busy year, and we look forward to the one ahead, grateful for the opportunities we have to partner with districts and churches to serve God and our great family of Nazarene ministers.”

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