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around-the-corner-05-14-1Winter has been gone for more than a month and has finally released its hold on our temperatures. Recently, I heard a comedy group sing, “Spring is sprung; the grass is ‘riz’; wonder where the flowers is?” But now the jet stream has dipped and the flowers have bloomed. Those bulbs we planted last October have bloomed and browned out and, for the most part, the chill in the air is gone. We all are hoping our heating bills will diminish, and longing for another month or so before our air conditioning bills increase. By refusing to leave, winter has caused many of us to wonder, “Where is global warming when we need it?”

It was dismaying to learn that, once again, Easter was pushed forward into April, tax month. Last year, we rescued Easter from that fate, and celebrated it in March. This year we were so busy we didn’t realize the change had been made. We were trying to figure our taxes and mail them to the infamous IRS before there was a resurrection of some old tax or the addition of a new one.

Just a bit of trivia: Easter is the first Sunday following the full moon after the spring vernal equinox, which is approximately March 21. Therefore, Easter Sunday can be anytime between March 22 and April 25, and consequently, determining a permanent date for Easter is not an option for you and me.

Most of us think about spring and Easter Sunday as a simultaneous event. Maybe this is why spring is so highly anticipated. Some of us can’t keep from rushing the season every year, sending winter into premature hibernation. However, we can postpone “Spring Cleaning,” until it really is spring (or really feels like spring). I blame my postponement of spring cleaning on the liberals, progressives, broken websites, tax preparation, or the absence of global warming.

In reality, since becoming a “golden-ager,” it takes me so much longer to do most everything, that it doesn’t matter what I blame. Spring is here when we finally get to the garage or the basement or even the attic to begin spring cleaning. The garage is normally the first place I start, unless I choose the basement or the attic. But then, locating the starting point isn’t all that important; it’s the finish line which is exciting.

There are four boxes needed for spring cleaning: the “Keep” box, the “Goodwill” box, a “Decide Later” box, and a “Toss” box. Most of the time, articles not placed in the “Keep” box are at some point slipped into the “Decide Later” box, and, if no one is looking, they are put back in “Keep.” Even the decision to toss is not set in concrete. Often I “kick the can down the street,” and give some treasures to others to choose their fate. Keep or toss seems to be a much easier decision for other folks.

Someone wrote, “Spring cleaning is fundamentally the task of deciding between sentiment and sediment.” Likely, “sentiment” will win in my case, especially if it relates to one of my treasures. Of course, another person might consider my treasures as junk. Actually, spring cleaning is just a matter of rearranging the treasures. Probably that is why garage sales have become so popular. We get to arrange and rearrange and look once more at the things we have collected over the years. Maybe we could have a new holiday in August. We can name it “Garage Sale Day.”

The glorious Easter season, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior, brings great rejoicing to the hearts of Christians. We are thankful to God for sending His Son to earth to suffer and die for us. Additionally, we are grateful that He is risen, and lives in our hearts. So, whenever Easter arrives, whether spring cleaning has just started or has been completed, for me, spring is sprung!!

Justine Knight was raised in a parsonage and married to a Nazarene minister for more than 50 years.

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