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Written by Justine Knight
From her column Around the Corner

Again, I bring you bad news and good news. The bad news is an election is brewing, and we are compelled to listen to endless speeches. No matter how popular the candidate, he/she is not the favorite of everyone. But, it doesn’t matter. His/her campaign has purchased advertising space on every channel.

Recently someone said, “I don’t watch that channel.” Say what? There are lots of channels. Just pick another one. One channel has news 24/7. Sound depressing? The good news is the news will be different come November—maybe good, maybe bad, but different. Change just seems to slip up on us. It’s amazing.

Recently, a friend remarked that one of my sons was on a popular network show and sent me a picture of him. I thought, “That isn’t my son.” He looks different. Hmmm. What is different? Oh, it must be his hair! It’s white!! He isn’t old enough to have white hair! What a change! It’s amazing!

While I was having dinner with family at a restaurant, one of my grandsons said, “This food is amazing!” I laughed, because I thought it was a funny thing to say about restaurant food. He looked at me and said, “Well, it is!” I laughed because no one has ever said the food I cook is amazing. Guess I need to change recipes, or methods, or just eat out more often.

Someone told me, “Don’t ever stop laughing.” That was a strange thing to hear for someone who laughs a lot. In fact, it was amazing. The thought of being forced to stop laughing depresses me. I would consider finding another method to express myself, but laughter is great medicine.

There must be other ways to deal with my propensity for humor. I just haven’t found it. I am seldom depressed. I laugh too much. But, there must be another road to sanity. Really, I am looking.

I read and re-read the Christmas story—even when it isn't the season. It is so beautiful! The wise men were warned in a dream not to return the same way they came. They had followed His star and found the Christ child. Their mission was accomplished, their dream fulfilled, but they still faced the task of getting home. We don’t know what challenges they faced by traveling a different path, but we do know their obedience made a difference in the lives of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

Change isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it is good to return home by another road. Christian writer and apologist G. K. Chesterton wrote, "I would like to enter my home in a totally different way than usual…like on a ladder and through a rear, upper window. Things would surely look different from this perspective." We all wish, at times, for a new perspective. We understand what Chesterton meant. He was longing for new eyes to see the meaning and value, perhaps the defects, of the familiar paths.

Someone wrote, "God hates our sin enough to want to change us, and loves us enough to think we are worth changing!" It may be a new road, or a new heart. Even if you’re older, a change of direction can be transforming. In fact, it’s amazing!

Justine Knight was raised in a parsonage and married to a Nazarene minister for more than 50 years.

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