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Written by Justine Knight
From her column Around the Corner

Once more, I bring you good news and bad news. The good news is that summer is finally here. The bad news is: summertime brings with it some real heat—like nearly 100 degrees every day. Also, I missed the birthdays of two of my grandchildren. That is one thing old age brings with it—a bad memory.

The latest buzzword is “awesome.” It seems that everything now is “awesome.” The latest descriptive phrase is, “That’s awesome!!” I think it probably should be something different, but then, I am an “oldie.” I definitely am not cool.

A gentleman called recently to chat about my late husband. One of the more interesting things he said was, “You’re getting on up there, too, aren’t you?” Not being particularly happy to hear that, I simply responded, “Yes, sir, I am now 80.” He kind of whistled, but it’s true. He didn’t bother me again. Most folks are fun to talk to; some state it like they think it is. Interesting.

I have been reading about Moses. Scriptures reveal he was the son of a daughter of Levi, so I guess it’s biblical to say that he had Levi’s genes. He had finished the equivalent of college, law school, and an MBA. He was ready to get on with life, but he goofed. I can understand that. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew—one of his kinsmen, and “Glancing this way and that, and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand,” (Ex. 2:11b-12). In the New Testament, Moses is described thus: “He was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds” (Acts 7:22).

He made several mistakes, but three stand out: (1) bad judgment; (2) looking in the wrong direction; and (3) attempting to conceal his mistake. He probably left the dude’s toes sticking out of the sand—not very professional. Likely, this event was known far and wide as “Sandgate”!

With all his wonderful training, there was one important lesson Moses had not learned. God didn’t want his abilities; He gave them to Moses to begin with. He simply wanted Moses.

In his favor, Moses should not be blamed for everything. He was never taught Patience 101. He never had to wait. No one ever blew their horn behind his chariot two seconds after the light changed. He didn’t know about Road Rage.

God’s promise is not that we will be perfect, but that His grace is sufficient for the trials
and tests we face.

Ever sit in a waiting room all day, only to hear the doctor say, “Your blood pressure is a little high today.” Really? Perhaps we can learn from such experiences. God’s promise is not that we will be perfect, but that His grace is sufficient for the trials and tests we face.

I had a call from the doctor’s office yesterday, reminding me they had not seen me for over a year. Of course, that’s because I have not been sick. I thought that was a good thing, but, the lady said I need to come in for a checkup. Maybe I should get sick more often. Anyway, I made an appointment and will soon see my physician.

In retirement, I miss seeing folks from time to time. I do not miss the days when I worked, but I do miss seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Still, I am grateful that God allows me to keep living. He is a great Father and loves us all. And, that, friends, is awesome!!

Justine Knight was raised in a parsonage and married to a Nazarene minister for more than 50 years.

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