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Dr. Edward “Ed” Heck, senior pastor of Kankakee, Illinois, First Church of the Nazarene and clergy representative of the Central USA Zone of the Nazarene Board of Pensions, passed away September 6. He was 62.

Heck was recently diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and began chemotherapy the week prior to his death. He was in Cincinnati for the Labor Day weekend, where he spoke to players participating in the National Nazarene Softball Tournament. He became ill on Labor Day evening and died the following day after being admitted to ICU. His wife Kathy was at his side.

“Ed was a model for what it means to be a servant leader,” said Don Walter, Pensions and Benefits USA director. “We grieve at the loss of our brother, colleague, and fellow board member, and join with the church in lifting his family and congregation in prayer.”

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