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Open enrollment

GuideStone Financial Resources has reduced the minimum number of participants required for church involvement in their group health care plans to two, according to Stephanie King, manager of insurance sales and retention for GuideStone. Until recently, the required number of participants for a group was 10. “We dropped our minimum in group plans from 10 to 2 because of the tax implications for individuals, and issues with getting coverage through the ACA (Affordable Care Act),” King said. Participants must be full-time employees.

GuideStone is the benefit board serving Southern Baptist and select evangelical ministries. The Church of the Nazarene partnered with GuideStone following the passage of the ACA to offer churches access to the group health insurance programs offered by the organization.

Churches in the market for health care insurance may learn more about ACA requirements, eligibility, and even receive quotes by visiting this link.

“We count it a privilege to serve churches and ministry organizations like the Church of the Nazarene,” King added. “We are here to answer any questions they may have.”

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