Board of Pensions & Benefits USA

The Board of Pensions and Benefits USA of the Church of the Nazarene is responsible for oversight of the various programs administered by Pensions and Benefits USA. Membership is divided as equally as possible between clergy and laity, with one member selected from each U.S. region and one chosen at-large. These persons are nominated by the Board of General Superintendents and elected by the USA National Board.

Members of the Board of Pensions serve four-year terms. The executive committee (chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and committee member at-large) is selected annually by vote of the board.

These are the members of Board of Pensions and Benefits USA for the 2017-2021 quadrennium:

Dr. Geoff Kunselman, chair (clergy)
(East Central Region)
Dr. J. Phillip Fuller, vice chair (clergy)
(Eastern Region)
Dr. R. Bruce Moore, secretary (lay)
(Northwest Region)
Mr. Darrel Johnson (lay)
(North Central Region)
Mr. Rick Martin (lay)
(South Central Region)
Mr. Mark Patrick (lay)
(Southeast Region)
Rev. Douglas R. Pierce (clergy)
(Southwest Region)
Mrs. Jill Rice (lay)
(Central Region)