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The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has translated a number of key resources for ministers and churches into Spanish and Korean languages. Topics covered include: taxes, Social Security, ministerial housing, reimbursing ministerial expenses, avoiding church fraud, and building church financial integrity. The books are also available in English.


Here are a few of the titles available:

  • 10 Elementos Esenciales de Impuestos para Ministros – Taxes
  • 10 Elementos Esenciales del Seguro Social de Ministros - Social Security
  • 10 Elementos Esenciales de la Exclusión de Vivienda de Ministros – Housing
  • 성직자들의 과세에 대한 10가지 기초 – Taxes
  • 성직자들의 사회 보장에 대한 10가지 기초 – Social Security
  • 성직자의 주택수당 제외에 대한 10가지 기초 – Housing

For a complete listing (including English versions), visit this link.

Additionally, you will find a variety of useful free finance-related resources for ministry through the ECFA’s ChurchExcel portal.

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