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2019 armm pb centennial

Members of the Association of Retired Ministers and Missionaries
join with Pensions and Benefits USA to celebrate
P&B’s Centennial at ARMM’s 2019 gathering in Branson.


Representatives of Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) celebrated the organization’s centennial Thursday evening, Oct. 3, with members of the Association of Retired Ministers and Missionaries (ARMM) at their biennial meeting in Branson, Mo.

“We are grateful to you and the many other ministers, missionaries, evangelists, and spouses who have faithfully served the church,” said Roger Creeden, director of operations for P&B. “You have also played an important role in enabling this ministry to touch lives by encouraging your churches and districts to support giving to the P&B Fund.”

Several members of the P&B staff were present to host a dessert and coffee reception for the nearly 200 ARMM attendees following the evening service.

“We appreciate all that Pensions and Benefits does for our ministers and for ARMM,” said Bill Duke, ARMM director. “They truly care about those who serve our church.”

Although relief organizations existed on several U.S. districts before 1919, the beginnings of what is now Pensions and Benefits USA is considered to be the creation of the General Board of Mutual Aid, which occurred on Saturday morning, Oct. 4, 1919.

“Today’s world is vastly different from that of those who founded this work in 1919, but the commitment to serve church employees remains the same,” added Creeden. “In our second century, we remain committed to serving the Church of the Nazarene as we continue to assist her ministers from first assignment through retirement.”

A brief history of P&B can be found at this link. Also, you may visit this link for photos from the P&B reception.

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