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2020 news 3 templateCOVID-19’s effects on the world economy have many wondering what to do about investing. With this in mind, Pensions and Benefits USA hosted the Fidelity web workshop Navigating Market Volatility on May 4. It focused on the importance of investing for retirement consistently in accordance with one’s goals, despite market fluctuations, and avoiding attempts to “time the market.”

This is one of three web workshops offered in May hosted by Pensions and Benefits USA Director Kevin P. Gilmore and featuring Fidelity specialist Alicia McMurry. Besides Navigating Market Volatility, which you may see on-demand here, May workshops with on demand links include:

These workshops are 60 minutes in length and are provided at no cost to 403(b) participants.  You’ll find a complete list of 2020 P&B/Fidelity web workshops here

Fidelity has prepared a helpful FAQ on COVID-19 and investing. We encourage you to check it out here.

Note: Investing involves risk, including risk of loss.

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