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The Church of the Nazarene has partnered with GuideStone Financial Resources to provide churches with access to the group health insurance programs of GuideStone (the benefit board that serves Southern Baptist and select evangelical ministries). This arrangement offers a range of healthcare solutions to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

Through this partnership, churches have an opportunity to avoid onerous penalties for noncompliance while taking advantage of healthcare options from a faith-based organization with years of experience in the insurance business. Churches with as few as two full-time employees may be insured under GuideStone plans.

GuideStone’s insured participants—tens of thousands of pastors and religious workers—have access to healthcare network providers in the United States (Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Express Scripts), which results in discounted savings to participants.

GuideStone has developed insurance solutions that provide group plans to any size church. More specifically they have 8 PPO health plans and 3 high-deductible health plans. Additionally, out-of-pocket medical expense plans (Health Reimbursement Arrangements or Health Savings Accounts) can be integrated. Churches may secure their own HRA/HSA service providers or GuideStone can suggest third-party vendors.

For requirements, underwriting guidelines, and an application, contact GuideStone at 888-984-8433.

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