Funeral Assistance

funeralA death in a parsonage family can create serious financial hardship. For qualifying participants, Funeral Assistance can help to ease this burden.

Qualifying participants include: (a) district-licensed or ordained ministers in good standing in the Church of the Nazarene with membership on a United States district participating in payment of the Pensions and Benefits Fund; and (b) such minister's immediate family members (including widowed spouse, spouse, and child or step-child) who depend on such minister for full support. Benefit Eligibility is determined on the basis of financial need. Persons covered by any group life insurance plan through the Pensions and Benefits office or any district group life insurance plan are not eligible for Funeral Assistance.

The benefit amount payable shall be equal to the lesser of $1,000 or one-half of unreimbursed expenses. If the deceased had any life insurance protection other than that offered by the Pensions and Benefits office or a district group life insurance plan, the maximum benefit payable will be the lesser of $500 or any unreimbursed amount. Application must be initiated by the District Superintendent's request and approved by the District Superintendent and District Advisory Board.

If you’d like to compare costs of funeral services in your area, check this link.