Why We Give - March 2015

We give because we are part of a connectional church, and giving demonstrates our conviction that we belong to one another. We are particularly committed to giving to the Pensions and Benefits Fund for our retired pastors and their spouses. These servants spent their lives serving the church, often receiving little compensation. Many lived in parsonages throughout their ministry and did not enjoy the security of home ownership upon retirement. Our retired pastors were faithful to the Lord, now, we are committed to caring for them.


“Several years ago at district assembly, after watching the video Will We Be There for Them?, I sensed the Lord’s direction. Turning to one of my church’s leaders, I whispered, ‘We need to give 200% of our allocation to Pensions and Benefits next year.’ Both of us were in tears, and he nodded in agreement. When I shared my conviction with the church board, they voted unanimously to double our giving—which we did, not just for one year, but for the following three years.


“I am grateful to the men and women who have sacrificially served Jesus and His church over the years. Our giving expresses our gratitude and our belief that, in Christ, we belong to one another.”



Daron Brown
Waverly, Tennessee


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P & B "Why We Give" - March 2015


Why Give?