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Church board members have a long list of responsibilities. Among these is the responsibility for the money that flows through the church. It’s such an important issue that the Manual contains at least three paragraphs about it.

Paragraphs 129.21 and 129.22 touch on keeping accurate records and never letting a single individual have control of the money. These make good common sense. Paragraph 129.23 requires an annual audit of the church’s financial records. This is a bit more difficult.

However, an annual audit of the church’s records is a must. External audits are performed by an independent auditor who has no impairing relationship to the church and, therefore, can review its data procedures with maximum objectivity. Internal audits generally are performed by church members or by persons closely associated with the church. While a church may choose to have an external audit (review, compilation, or agreed upon procedures), paragraph 129.24 of the Manual relates to an internal audit.

For details about performing a church audit see Memo #8 - The Annual Church Audit.