Insurance FAQs

Individual FAQs

From 1983 until 1995, a Nazarene group health plan administered through the Pensions and Benefits USA was offered to all United States districts. Since Church of the Nazarene polity does not support mandatory participation in such a program, it became impossible to sustain a favorable balance of healthy plan participants. Due to the lack of affordability and the inability to sustain an appropriate risk balance in the group, the plan was discontinued after 12 years. A few years after the termination of the plan, a significant review was undertaken to study the feasibility of a nationwide health insurance program. Again, it was determined that costs of such a program would be prohibitive.

Currently, there are no plans to start another group health insurance program within the Church of the Nazarene. However, Pensions and Benefits USA has worked with the Board of General Superintendents in the appointment of a District Superintendents Benefits Advisory Committee. For several years, this group has convened twice annually to review denominational dynamics regarding health care benefits and to consider recommendations regarding changes which might be implemented. While we may not be able to support a true group health insurance plan, through this committee's work we continue to stay focused on the issue.