Life Stewardship Columns

Most financial advisors say we can reasonably safely withdraw about 4% of our retirement savings each year.

Online articles and videos on YouTube can walk us through many DIY projects.

The practice of stating who would receive our personal assets after death goes back to biblical times, and so do contested wills.

Money is not evil... but we can take steps to maintain balance regarding finances in our lives.

Before we can plan a post-retirement budget, we need to estimate future expenses.

Studies show that assisting others, either financially or physically, can actually boost our physical and mental health.

Eliminating purchases of things we want but don’t need frees up money to put debt to rest.

If we manage to set aside just a few dollars regularly, it will add up over time.

We don’t need a gift of prophecy to know that our car or refrigerator will need repairs or replacement at some time or another.

The principle of sowing and reaping is broader than the ethical realm, it also applies to personal finances.