Pressing On E-News Columns

In my church I can see a difference in the spiritual growth of those who serve and those who do not.

Some church people are understandably change-resistant because they have been overwhelmed by a history of it.

The Body of Christ should be a non-anxious presence in an age of anxiety.
What if God has more in mind for us than simply getting beyond these days?
Crises create space for people to imagine life differently.
Imagination is a wild creature that will not lie down as nicely as a proposition.

What do we say when we feel we have said it all?

We all know stories, and some of us have lived through them, in which pastoral availability wreaked collateral damage.

The real estate mantra: “location, location, location” speaks to the value of property...

Today, I am a Christian and a Nazarene because the people of God in a Middle Tennessee church did more than proclaim values.